The Brand

Slazenger, founded in England by Ralph and Albert Slazenger brothers in 1881, holds the title of oldest sports brand that has lasted until now. The brand with its 133 years of experience in sports field, brings various proucts such as clothing, shoes, accesories, bicycle, watch, goggles, perfume for tennis, cricket, golf, swimming branches. In Turkey, Arıkan Group as representative of watches, sun glasses and optical frame products, brings the brand to masses that care about dynamic, social, sportive and stylish in our country.

It is important not to make any concessions from style while being fast and dynamic as an athlete in the urban life. Slazenger optical glasses and sunglasses are designed thinking of these needs. Handmade models with high quality, yield to all types of faces thanks to the strings on the handles. The optical and sun glasses with remarkable colors and patterns, present alternatives for all kinds of styles. Slazenger with various options for those who want style and simplicity together, gives you the day long comfort with its light weight.